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Retailers are bugging out of big blue cities. San Francisco’s flagship Whole Foods store lasted a whole year before closing down. So many supermarkets in Chicago have closed that the mayor has floated the idea of a city-owned grocery store. Employees are being told not to interfere if they see someone shoplifting and some have been disciplined for stepping in. Why not take some of the CEO’s money and hire more security guards said one wit, not understanding that the security guards also couldn’t do anything to stop a shoplifter. They don’t want to get sued.

We’ve seen laundry detergent chained together on the shelf. All of the CVS stores in D.C. are starting to look like this:

Nathaniel Meyersohn, consumer reporter for CNN Business, teased us with an explanation of what America’s “shoplifting panic” reveals.

Meyersohn writes:

While shoplifting has seemingly never been a bigger problem than it is now, shoplifting has long captured the public’s attention. Anxiety over shoplifting is an enduring phenomenon and is often a stand-in for larger concerns of cultural, economic or political changes.

“The figure of a shoplifter may provide for a scapegoat for deeper problems that are more complex and intractable,” James Walsh, who directs the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s graduate program on criminology and justice, told CNN. “It resonates with broader concerns about law and disorder.”

Shoplifting has also become a politically charged crime that many on the right and some Democrats have exploited to oppose criminal justice policy reforms.

Those reforms had gained bipartisan support in both red and blue states and were meant to roll back decades of mass incarceration policies, which hit Black and brown communities hardest. Many political leaders, retailers and law enforcement officials now want to mobilize a stronger response to crack down on theft and other crime.

“The concern over shoplifting taps into a larger narrative about how urban areas are out of control,” said Michael Flamm, a historian at Ohio Wesleyan University and the author of “Law and Order: Street Crime, Civil Unrest, and the Crisis of Liberalism in the 1960s.”


So instead of talking to a CVS manager, he managed to find a bunch of left-wing professors.

Yes, what are the underlying problems that have caused this “panic” — let’s address those. It’s probably capitalism and white supremacy.


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