Cori Bush Sinks to a WHOLE New Low in Her Latest Anti-Israel Push for a Ceasefire – Twitchy

Cori Bush keeps demanding a ceasefire without actually understanding two things (you’re thinking, only two?):

  1. There was ALREADY a ceasefire in place when Hamas brutally and grotesquely attacked Israel
  2. All Hamas has to do is release the hostages and surrender

And yet all she does is bleat on and on about how DUH VOTERS WANT IT.

She’s sinking even lower this time … exploiting young voters:

By overwhelming margins, young voters are telling us they’re ignorant, uninformed, and have been absolutely manipulated and indoctrinated by evil, antisemitic older adults pushing an evil, antisemitic agenda.

Fixed it for her – we’re givers that way.


But Meet the Press says they DO.




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