HA! Ted Cruz and Benny Johnson Question if Eric Swalwell Wears a Tuck-Friendly Swimsuit and He Flips OUT – Twitchy

Nothing to see here, just a dude who’s been accused of banging a Chinese Communist spy whining because Republicans are making fun of him and questioning if perhaps he wears a tuck-friendly swimsuit. He had to know whining about this would only bring more attention to the post and make things worse for him, yes?

Then again, it is Eric Swalwell we’re talking about here so maybe not.

Dude. We likely wouldn’t have even seen this if he hadn’t taken a screenshot and shared it to whine and accuse Cruz and Johnson of being anti-gay.

What a doofus.



We did giggle.

Quite a bit.

We. Got. Nothin’.

Seriously. Again, we may not have even seen this if Eric didn’t share it.

Tough crowd, bro.




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