Kamala Harris Takes Credit for Highway Reopening ‘Weeks Ahead of Schedule’ – Twitchy

Whenever this editor thinks of California and infrastructure, he thinks of California’s high-speed rail project, which was approved by voters in 2008 at a cost of just under $10 billion. Railway Technology reports that the first section of track is supposed to be completed by 2028. According to CNBC, the cost of the project is now estimated to be between $88 billion and $128 billion.

Recently, a portion of I-10 in California was closed because it was damaged by a fire started in a homeless encampment under an overpass. Yes, the homeless had built enough of an infrastructure to melt the highway.

Vice President Kamala Harris is crediting herself and President Joe Biden for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, including the I-10, which will reopen weeks ahead of schedule.


They patched a section of highway and the Biden administration is taking credit? As many above have said, this wasn’t “rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure,” it was a quick repair job.

Remember the time Joe Biden lied about seeing a bridge in Pittsburgh collapse? And when he visited a bridge and explained how important they are, using the example of the time his home in Delaware almost burned down with Jill in it?


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