Karine Jean-Pierre Grieves on This Transgender Day of Remembrance – Twitchy

As we often point out, President Joe Biden made a big deal of Transgender Day of Visibility, shooting a video in the White House and posting it to social media, telling trans people that he had their backs. Today, besides being Biden’s 81st birthday, is Transgender Day of Remembrance, on which the nation grieves those transgender lives lost to violence — mostly blacks and people of color, of course.

The 26 transgender Americans who were killed this year? More people are shot to death in Chicago during the weekend.

Bees take out 51 people annually. Where’s their day?

The narrative they’d like you to believe is that these trans people were killed by transphobes — rather than by their partners or other transgender people.


Good question … are we mourning Audrey “Aiden” Hale, the Covenant School shooter?

Yes, we’ve been assured that laws banning gender-affirming care for minors are “trans genocide.”

The White House certainly didn’t miss Transgender Day of Remembrance. They really should have sent Biden out to make a statement, and instead, he was pardoning turkeys. Where are his priorities?


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