Lily-Rose Depp Goes Braless in a Sheer Top Online and People Are Predictably Gross

Female nipples have been attracting more attention again recently, be it through transparent red carpet looks or Kim Kardashian’s bra with a fake nipple from her brand Skims. But unfortunately, the female breast is still attracting a lot of criticism in 2023, especially on social media.

The comments under Lily-Rose Depp’s most recent post prove that little has been done to “free the nipple,” especially on Instagram. Her pictures sparked a debate, including body-shaming comments, that was more than shocking.

In a series of photos that the daughter of actor Johnny Depp shared on Instagram on November 17, she shows herself in a private setting. In a kitchen, the model and actress poses in a transparent gray polo shirt, combined with an equally transparent cream-colored mini skirt.

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In doing so, she’s wearing one of the most ubiquitous fashion trends. Transparent pieces have been dominating designers’ collections for several seasons now. And yet this fashion hype continues to cause a stir and is unjustifiably seen as an invitation to comment on women and their bodies.

You would think that body positivity and women supporting women in 2023 would have progressed so far that a transparent look that reveals the female body underneath should no longer be an uproar. But the more than 6,000 comments make it clear that this is unfortunately not the case.

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