Miranda Devine Notices Biden’s Pretty Close to Reaching His ‘Unity President’ Goal – Twitchy

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday week and with the 2024 presidential election under one year away, President Biden’s numbers continue to circle the drain and the disapproval is nearly off the charts:

When it comes to allegations of Biden family corruption, the numbers aren’t good either:

The full post: 

“An October poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 35% of U.S. adults believe Joe Biden personally has done something illegal with regard to the business dealings of his son, who has acknowledged struggling with drug addiction. An additional 33% say the president acted unethically but did not violate the law. Just 30% say Joe Biden did nothing wrong.”

Miranda Devine translated that:


Combine that with Biden’s massive disapproval numbers, and the president has nearly reached one of his goals, as Devine noted:

Ah, “unity”!

At this point, Team Biden will take the “unity” anywhere they can get it. 

Biden certainly didn’t get to “unity” with scenes like this:


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