Mollie Hemingway Laughs at WaPo’s ‘Unhinged Temper Tantrum’ Over Result of Argentina Election – Twitchy

The result of Argentina’s election isn’t being received warmly by the political Left of their pals in the media.

Here’s the candidate who won the election: 

Commence media freakout!

Mollie Hemingway spotted the Washington Post perhaps practicing for the possibility of President Biden losing next year with this doozy of a framing of the Argentina election result:

They always report the two sides as “far-right” vs. “center-left.”

A radical libertarian and admirer of Donald Trump rode a wave of voter rage to win Argentina’s presidency on Sunday, crushing the political establishment and bringing the sharpest turn to the right in four decades of democracy in the country. 

Javier Milei, a 53-year-old far-right economist and former television pundit with no governing experience, claimed nearly 56 percent of the vote, with over 80 percent of votes tallied. It was a stunning upset over Sergio Massa, the center-left economy minister who has struggled to resolve the country’s worst economic crisis in two decades. Even before the official results had been announced Sunday night, Massa acknowledged defeat and congratulated Milei on his win. 

Sounds like the Washington Post has a problem with how things turned out in Venezuela: 


WaPo says “no governing experience” like that’s a bad thing:

How screwed up have things gotten because of career politicians? “No governing experience” doesn’t sound like a bad thing.

You can almost see the journo tears on that page of the Washington Post.



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