Monday Morning Meme Madness – Twitchy

We never thought we’d be happy that it’s Monday, but Monday means memes!

Seriously, you folks on Twitter/X are a neverending source of memes, jokes, and funny stories. All we have to do is round them up to share with our friends.


LOL. We do be like that.

Seriously! It’s friggin’ dark by the time we get done with work. Can’t we just work in the dark in the morning?

Ha! We’re not that deep, folks. Just leave us alone.

Dude! Low blow. 😏


Hey, somebody has to be a leader!

We love it when you memers do this. It makes our lives so much easier. Yeah, we’re lazy like that.

Why, Dad? LOL.


Big if true.



Bwahaha! We expect you all to do us proud this Thursday.

Eat like Joe Biden’s no longer president and food is more affordable.

Well done.


It was quite a week, y’all.


We’re glad it’s not just ours.


Subtle, yet effective. Ha!


Okay, first, that dog looks like a bear!

Second, the turkey lip-licking is hilarious!

LOLOLOL! There’s no way you didn’t laugh at that one!

That one stings. This editor smiled … grudgingly.

LOL! We’re pleading the 5th on that one.

If you’re tempted to think your Monday sucks, it cannot possibly be THIS crappy! LOL.

They even have police body cam footage.


‘I’ve got sh** on me!’


He got what he deserved.

Maya’s not dead … but we are. ☠️

True story.

Game on!

LOL. You know you’ve been there.

Harsh but fair.

Wow. We can’t believe you would all watch that and laugh … without watching it a few more times.

Seriously, folks. We’re not even gonna admit how many times we watched that one.

‘Go girl! Don’t let go! … THUD! … Daa***’ 😂🤣😂

We will never be the same.

Jesse Kelly put out a meme call this week. You know what that means?


This is the way.


So good. 😂


Ha! That is way too accurate.

We feel this one in our bones.

We laughed too hard at that one.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s only gonna get worse this week.

Every day. Every. Single. Day.

We are so sorry. We couldn’t resist.



Dark dad jokes. We like it.

That one caught us off guard. LOL.

Dang, that’s spot on!

Here’s to hoping your Monday is better than that. Go forth and conquer!


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