New arrest as family mourns man gunned down during return to Brooklyn

A Brooklyn native’s happy homecoming turned into a homicide.

Kyle Forde, who was living in Jersey City after being paroled from prison less than a year ago, returned to the borough only to die in a spray of bullets that also left two friends wounded. On Sunday, cops announced a new arrest in the shooting.

The 28-year-old Forde was back in Brooklyn for a visit with his twin sons and to catch up with old friends at the Sumner Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

But after dropping his boys off with their mother about a block away, he was shot outside the NYCHA development on Myrtle Ave. near Throop Ave. around 5:15 p.m., leaving his family still devastated more than a month later.

“My heart is really broken,” Forde’s mother, Melinda Grant, told the Daily News. “I have not been able to really do anything.”

Jeff Bachner/New York Daily News

NYPD officers and detectives investigate the shooting of three people in a hail of bullets outside the Sumner Houses on Myrtle Ave. on Sept. 30.

Forde and two of his friends were standing in the courtyard of the violence-plagued housing project when a gunman walked up and fired off dozens of rounds.

“It tore through his liver, lungs and heart,” his mother said. “He hit his head, the back of his head, when he fell backwards and it was bleeding.”

Forde’s friends, a 32-year-old man and a 28-year-old man, were shot in the lower back and stomach, respectively. All three victims were taken to Kings County Hospital, where Forde died. His friends survived the shooting.

Forde, paroled in December after serving four years in prison for criminal sale of a controlled substance, attempted robbery and conspiracy, was living in Jersey City with his father.

As a condition of his parole, Forde had a 6 p.m. curfew but his old friends convinced him to squeeze in a visit with them before he headed back to New Jersey.

The victim’s father hoped living in Jersey City would separate his son from friends his family believes were a negative influence on Forde in his teen years.

“Kyle was my baby,” said his father, Sam Forde. “We did everything together. I didn’t walk out the door without asking him if he wanted to come. Ninety percent of the time, he’d say yes.”

“He was my best friend,” the grieving father added. “We had a very loving father-and-son relationship.”

Forde moved to the Sumner Houses when he was about 15, a shakeup his mother believes lead him down the wrong path.

After his release from prison, he began to work on turning his life around, his family says.

“He was scheduled to start an apprenticeship for fiber optic cable installation,” his father said. “It was a week of paid training and then he’d have a job there. He was scheduled to start this month.”

Forde’s 7-year-old sons are still working to understand the death of their father.

“He was a great dad, an awesome dad,” said the boys’ mother, Lanae Dyson. “He was their best friend.”

On Oct. 24, police arrested 18-year-old Ryan Nieves of Brownsville, for Forde’s murder. On Sunday, cops announced the arrest of Dylan Stanley, 20, of Sunset Park. Stanley was nabbed Friday.

Both suspects are charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder. Nieves was also charged with robbery for a mugging he allegedly committed on Sept. 23, about a week before the killing, cops said.

“You took my son away from me,” Grant said of the suspects. “You took my son away from his two sons. I lost a child and now your mother lost a child because you’re going to be incarcerated.’”

Following an arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court, Nieves was ordered held without bail. He is due back in court in January.

“I don’t wish no bad on him,” Grant said of of the suspect. “Kyle is in a better place. I’ve never been to heaven, but it’s better than down here.”

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