So, THIS Was Embarrassing! Little Girl in Crowd Giving Nikki Haley’s ‘Stunt’ AWAY is HILARIOUS (Watch) – Twitchy

Just a tip, if you’re going to pretend to have a young girl who supports your candidate in the crowd make sure you tell her NOT to openly embarrass the candidate in question and give the stunt away. We get it, Nikki Haley’s handlers were trying to create a story about a little girl being a fan of Nikki because of GIRL POWER and stuff but you’d think they’d at least ask her NOT to give the whole darn thing away.

Like she ultimately did.


Watch this.

We almost feel bad for Nikki. Almost.


So much ouch.

There definitely are some sad Jeb vibes going on here.

Totally not staged.



Even bigly.



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